Need to apply for TERS or UIF employee relief? An explainer

If you’re a business owner you’re no doubt feeling overwhelmed by the economic nightmare that’s unfolding, but what may finally send you over the edge are FORMS. Where do you submit them, and what should your business even submit for? To give you some clarity (and restore some sanity) we’re focusing on the difference between two sets of forms you may need to submit on behalf of your employees: UIF and TERS.

Never ignore your Balance Sheet

Every entrepreneur understands the need to make profit.  After all, isn’t that the point?  And in order to get your business to the size that it currently is you’ve had to go through all of the pain of agonizing over a weekly and sometimes daily cash flow forecast. ...

How to get your clients to pay on time, every time

The words ‘clients’ and ‘not paying’ go together like Converse and stupid socks, or Jacob Zuma and Nkandla: no matter how much you want these things to just stop already, they remain the status quo. Running your own business, you’ve no doubt come across your share of...