Free financial health check. How fit is your business?

Lean and fast? Bloated and slow? Your business’ financial health has a huge impact on its performance. So knowing what’s strong, and what’s not, is essential before you start tinkering with your balance sheet. YourCFO also understands a healthy and trustworthy relationship with your finance professional is essential. That’s why we make a free upfront investment in our relationship. Simply put, you get to know us. We get to know you.

YourCFO’s Five Point Health Check covers your key business areas.


Is your profit, cash flow and balance sheet structure optimal?

Human Resources

Are your people best placed?


Are they working for you or are you working for them?



Do they support robust controls and business efficiency or are they weak and ponderous?



Has your business been historically compliant?

It’s important to gain an accurate picture of all these elements. It’ll establish what needs to be done to get or keep your business running smoothly. It’ll also allow YourCFO to put forward a scope-of-work proposal, including establishing a fair price or retainer.

Remember, your independent financial review is free and will only be charged should you choose to go forward with our final proposal.

Make sure your business is healthy.

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