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Part-time CFO, South Africa. Yours to help you grow.

YourCFO. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? It tells the world you’re successful enough to employ high-calibre financial resources. And it tells you that you have personal access to skills and expertise normally reserved for big corporates.

Now entrepreneurs throughout South Africa can enjoy a full suite of financial services – at a fraction of the cost. We tailor our solutions to meet your exact needs, from senior finance resources to bookkeeping.

So now you can do what you do best and run your business. Leave the finances to YourCFO.

Partnering with YourCFO offers you many advantages.

It’s affordable. You don’t pay fat cat salaries. You just enjoy peace of mind that your finances are running optimally.


You’ll free up senior management’s time to do what they do best.

You can make the best business decisions and improve performance through our in-depth interpretation of your financial results.

We can represent your company, speaking to external stakeholders bringing technical or financial expertise.


South African Institute of Tax Professionals
Member of the DTI Group
Tax Practitioners - Sars

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