Three things YourCFO has learnt from going fully remote

Like many businesses, we’ve had to change the way we do things due to the global pandemic, and one of the big changes we made was going fully remote. Fortunately, YourCFO has always embraced technology (we use cloud-based accounting software, and we’ve been paperless for a while), so the adjustment wasn’t as big as we thought it might be. In fact, we thought it would be difficult to transition to a full work-from-home set-up, but it’s gone far better than we ever expected.

We’d like to share with you three things that we’ve learnt from going fully remote – because it really is the future. Covid-19 has forced our business to adapt and be agile so that we can continue delivering excellent service to our clients… read on to see how.


  1. We’ve put our rands to work in smarter ways

When lockdown started nearly five months ago, we decided that the best way to navigate the uncertainty was to get ourselves ready for anything. Part of the plan was to trial going fully remote. It was a sad farewell to our office (for now), but it allowed us the flexibility in our overheads to invest in new software and infrastructure to better manage our clients. Those investments are already paying dividends with smoother onboarding processes and better workflows between our team members. We’re also not stuck in a daily commute (which saves our sanity, as well as petrol!) and there’s less temptation to get that takeaway cappuccino…


  1. We’re more productive

Did you know that remote and teleworkers are up to 40% more productive than office employees? We can attest to this: since going fully remote, YourCFO has signed up a bunch of new clients (some of whom we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting face to face yet). Working from home does have its own challenges though – but we’re powering through! Most importantly, it hasn’t turned us into robots and we spend most of our days with our clients on Zoom or Google Meet. Celebrating their financial wins together in a post-Covid world will be all the more sweet!


  1. We’re happier

We’ve found that working fully from home has given us a better work-life balance, and that our team is overall a lot happier. We’re not alone: according to a 2019 study, full-time remote workers reported being 22% more happy in their jobs than workers who had never worked remotely. Speaking of which, we also welcomed new team members during lockdown and got to grips with virtual onboarding and training.

Another thing that can make you happier is outsourcing parts of your business to professionals – YourCFO specialises in outsourced SME financial management (we’re not just number-crunchers, either; we look at your business holistically and strategically). We also tailor our solutions according to what your business needs, from senior finance resources to bookkeeping services – plus, you can submit everything to us digitally.

Do you own an SME? Contact us today to enjoy a full suite of financial services – all remotely and packaged to suit you.